Giorgia B.

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Giorgia’s journey into modeling began four years ago and has been transformative. With distinctive freckles and curly hair, she stands out in the competitive industry. Milan has played a crucial role in her growth, and she values humility and self-awareness. Giorgia embraces her uniqueness and constantly strives for improvement.

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1-Giorgia, was there a specific moment or particular experience that made you realize you wanted to pursue a modeling career?
I believe the decisive moment was when I took my very first photos, four years ago. I approached this world somewhat hesitantly and in a rather peculiar way, as I have always been an extremely reserved and vulnerable girl. I never considered my vulnerability to be an advantage, but on that occasion, in front of the camera, I realized that I could expose myself without fear. For me, working as a model is almost a therapeutic process of accepting the emotional period I am experiencing. There is no photo in which my true and temporary emotions do not shine through.
2-Your freckles and curly hair are distinctive features that make you truly unique. How do you think these characteristics have influenced your career and your self-perception in the fashion industry?
Certainly, my journey has been influenced by my personal characteristics. Beautiful girls and boys are everywhere, but we live in an era where you have to capture the client’s attention in just a few seconds, much like social media content. Please don’t misunderstand my words; I don’t mean to sound presumptuous, because my appearance doesn’t always work in my favor. In fact, often the client is intrigued by my look, but in the end, they tend to choose a more classic model. Let’s just say I’m not for everyone, and I’m perfectly fine with that.
3-Looking back at your professional past, is there any knowledge or awareness you wish you had from the beginning of your modeling career? Looking back at my professional past, there is one piece of knowledge I wish I had from the start of my modeling career: you can’t be suitable for everything, and you can’t please everyone. After four years, I have realized that it’s pointless for a model to try to meet everyone’s expectations. You simply can’t do it all.
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4-How would you describe the impact of Milan on your personal and professional growth in the fashion industry? Are there specific experiences or encounters that you believe have shaped your career here?
I didn’t choose Milan, and I never saw myself living in a city like this. It happened because of love. I was finishing my studies to become a skipper and had just started living on my own. My boyfriend at the time was studying here, and he suggested that I try out this city until I finished my studies, so we could be closer. “You have nothing to lose, and then you can go back to the sea,” he said. Spoiler: I never went back to the sea. The love for that boyfriend ended, and a new love for Milan began, where I now work as a full-time model. Milan is my rational love, the kind that makes you hesitate at first, but with time you understand all the love it has to offer. You slowly grow attached and then realize there is no better place for you. This city has allowed me to achieve many satisfactions and gain full awareness of myself. All the encounters and experiences I’ve had here, both positive and negative, have been fundamental in getting me to where I am now.
5-What do you love most about your job? And what challenges motivate you the most?
Personally, I like to think that every time I work, I get to play a different character. This allows me to develop various aspects of my personality and acquire numerous different skills. I’ve always been an extremely curious person, and this job provides the perfect daily stimulus I seek. I never know what to expect the next day. 
6- In a competitive industry like fashion, advice can be crucial. Is there a piece of advice you’ve received that has guided you on your journey?
Never lose sight of yourself and your values. Its definitely not an environment for those who are easily influenced. My advice is to bring out your personality: as I said before, there are countless beautiful models. You need to stand out, you need to make yourself memorable!
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7- Among the many commercials you have done, is there an experience that has particularly stood out to you?I give the same importance to every commercial and fashion campaign because I dedicate myself fully and always discover different aspects of myself. Each situation allows me to meet new people and have varied adventures. However, I am protective and private about these experiences and prefer to keep them for myself and my loved ones.
8- What would you like to achieve in the near future of your career?
Being superstitious, I prefer not to talk about it. You’ll see the results: I work and study with humility, never considering myself fully accomplished or satisfied (perhaps that’s my secret).
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