In Step Together: A Dialogue with models Gloria F. and Lisa B. at Almar Resort

Lisa Bassi & Gloria Fregonese Interview Iso Model Management 3

In the elegant setting of the Almar resort in Jesolo, Italy, we present an insightful interview with Gloria and Lisa, accompanied by a captivating fashion editorial shoot. Gloria, blending her love for music and fashion, and Lisa, rising from a reserved beginner to a professional model, share their experiences in the fashion world. They discuss the role of Iso Model Management in shaping their careers, and the challenges and triumphs they faced. This interview, enriched by the captivating visuals from the shoot, offers a glimpse into the dynamic world of fashion modeling, providing invaluable advice for aspiring artists and models.

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Gloria, your fame as a music, art, and fashion enthusiast is well known. How do art and your passion for music intertwine in the world of fashion, and what role has Iso Model Management played in your modeling journey?

Gloria: All the artistic activities I studied and engaged in during my childhood, from dance to theater and singing, have influenced and helped me in my professional journey. Fashion is art, just like music, cinema, theater, and photography, so often all these different arts come together to give life to important projects—projects that are now my main work, bridging the gap between fashion and music. Iso Model Management, on the other hand, was one of the first agencies I worked with when I was still a minor, and one of the first that believed in me. Today, almost 10 years into this adventure, we continue to create beautiful artistic projects together.

While you, Lisa, started your modeling career nine years ago. How did you enter the world of fashion, and what role did Iso Model Management play in your professional journey?

Lisa: I started modeling after participating in a few beauty contests, driven by my dad and the desire to overcome my shyness. After one of these contests, a chance encounter introduced me to a modeling agency, and I had my first interview, got my first portfolio, and started working. Later, I joined Iso Model Management, which immersed me even more in the world of fashion. Nine years ago, I would not have considered it a real job, although over time, it has become my main occupation. I fondly remember the early steps in this industry, as they represent the journey of a young Lisa establishing herself in a challenging world but facing it with professionalism.

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Apart from your modeling work, what activities or hobbies do you share when you’re not professionally engaged?

Gloria: When I’m not professionally engaged and I’m within the walls of my home, I become a Winx, a magical fairy living in her enchanted world. In real life, I enjoy taking amateur theater courses. I’m also a radio speaker, so I often practice my voice to ensure it is well-perceived behind the microphone. Being a DJ, I spend many of my hours playing and literally living through music.

Lisa: With this job, it’s challenging to carve out moments for oneself due to the unpredictability of work appointments. Nevertheless, I like to take time to play the piano, exercise outdoors, or read psychology books. Empty moments for me are quite dangerous; I reflect a lot, questioning everything I’m doing, and especially thinking about the future. It’s from these moments that new ideas and projects emerge. For example, the last time, I enrolled in an acting academy.

Gloria, you had a significant experience at the Venice Film Festival. Tell us more about how you lived that moment on the red carpet and how it fits into your multifaceted career.

Gloria: I was a guest on the Venice red carpet for a remarkable 5 consecutive years, directly invited by the ‘City of Venice’ for the numerous events I conducted as a DJ in our Serenissima. Every year, it was a great thrill for me to tread that world-famous red carpet, doing so in the capacity of who I am. I hope to DJ many more times at the beautiful Venetian events, and I look forward to experiencing that magical moment once a year on that red carpet that makes me feel a bit like a star.

Gloria, What are your future projects in both the fashion and music fields, and what do you hope to achieve in the coming years?

Gloria: At the moment, I’m challenging myself a bit. I want to step onto big stages; I want my name to be remembered, but perhaps for something more than what I am already doing. I need to lose myself a bit to find myself again. In a few years, I’ll answer (I believe), but right now, I’m too happy to think about it. I’m currently sitting in my “comfort zone,” and that doesn’t allow me to reflect well, but I’m certainly enjoying the moment.

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Lisa, what significant challenges have you faced in your modeling career, and how have you overcome them?

Lisa: My main challenge has been accepting myself without succumbing to unhealthy fashion standards. Not being tall but well-proportioned, I’ve highlighted my strengths and learned to avoid unsuitable roles. I’ve maintained a healthy balance between self-esteem and awareness, focusing on what I’m naturally suited for. In the world of fashion, understanding and accepting oneself is crucial. By avoiding unrealistic beauty ideals, I’ve overcome challenges, maintaining a healthy approach to personal improvement and aligning myself with what my body allows.

Both of you have a certain notoriety on social media. How do you approach managing your image and authenticity, considering the importance these channels have in your careers?

Lisa: SSocial media is actually my weakness; I use them mainly for work, keeping my private life reserved. My manager reproaches me for a too rigid image and the pursuit of perfection in selfies, for example. Today, I recognize the value of spontaneity and simplicity in the image, working to present myself in a more authentic way. I should work more on this aspect to make myself known better from other perspectives. This challenge, though not easy, is necessary to keep up with the times.

Gloria: As mentioned earlier, I try to be versatile even on my social media, bringing everything that I am and trying to bring a smile to those who follow me, but always with the air of the “girl next door.”

Gloria and Lisa, what advice would you give to young women aspiring to pursue a career in the fashion or entertainment industry, based on your experiences?

Lisa: I am often asked how to start in the fashion world, but answering is complex because there is no standard template. I have learned that opportunities must be actively created, unlike in other sectors. Expecting jobs after creating a portfolio is a wrong approach. In the fashion world, agency casting is just the beginning of a race. A portfolio is essential, and if the agency does not invest, creating one independently is crucial. Personally presenting yourself to agencies is crucial. In addition to beauty, attitude, determination, and charisma differentiate and influence opportunities in castings.

Gloria: You have to have a lot of personality and a lot of “hunger” for aspiration because, in addition to all the characteristics a model must have or all the artistic skills that everyone in their field must possess, you must have the strength not to let anyone step on you, ever.