Meet Kateryna, a versatile model currently based in the city of Dubai. Her captivating journey unfolds a narrative of resilience and creativity. From her rhythmic gymnastics background to a transformative pause in Germany, Kateryna navigates life’s challenges with a steadfast commitment to self-expression and an unwavering passion for modelling and the arts. Now calling Dubai home, she continues to carve her unique path in the world of modelling, embodying a fusion of determination and artistic flair.


Kateryna, your journey has taken you through various artistic pursuits. How would you describe your personality?

It’s challenging for me to self-assess, but I’ve undergone significant transformations recently. Previously more carefree, I’ve evolved into a mature, calmer, and wiser individual. Facing challenges like war, immigration, difficult relationships, and health issues has shaped me positively. Despite these changes, I’ve retained my inherent creativity, a vital aspect of my life. Moving forward, my intention is to nurture and further develop this creative dimension.”

Signing your first modelling contract in Florence must have been a significant milestone. What were your initial impressions, and how did the modelling scene in Florence differ from your expectations?

Securing my first modelling contract in Florence marked a pivotal moment in my life, especially during such a difficult period. I approached it with no specific expectations, simply thrilled to be embracing my dream role and finding joy in the work. Gratitude accompanied each job, as they not only allowed me to express creativity but also introduced me to new people. The essence of each experience was the most valuable aspect for me.

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For you, is fashion more about following trends or a form of self-expression? How do you balance staying on trend with expressing your unique personality through your style?

Fashion, to me, transcends trends; It’s a realm of creativity similar to dancing, music, or painting—an artistic meditation. I don’t consciously chase trends or portray an image that isn’t authentic. I’m a straightforward and easygoing individual, yet with a strong character, and I believe this authenticity captivates people. Balancing self-expression with trendiness is about staying true to myself while embracing the creative essence of modelling.

Having been a rhythmic gymnast for eight years, how do you think the experience in rhythmic gymnastics has influenced your approach to modelling work?

Eight years of rhythmic gymnastics profoundly shaped my modelling approach. The unique blend of athleticism and dance enhances my ability to pose distinctively, offering something most models can’t. My background instils diligence and endurance, ensuring a smooth collaboration. Additionally, six years of stage experience as a dancer refined my acting skills, allowing me to seamlessly embody diverse characters with minimal preparation, making the creative process more efficient and enjoyable.


Moving to Germany for a year led to a pause in your modelling career. How did you cope with this break, and what motivated you to resume your career after such a significant interruption?

Moving to Germany deeply influenced and changed my life. Facing various challenges, I discovered new tools that helped me navigate this period and become even stronger than before. I used this time profitably, uncovering a new resource within myself. Then fate presented me with a new opportunity, which I decided to seize. It was a pivotal moment for personal growth and the relaunch of my modelling career.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations, both in terms of your role as an artist relations manager in Dubai and your modelling career? How do you envision your future in these diverse fields?

Looking ahead, my goals revolve around embracing the ongoing process of life and deriving joy from it. I aspire to be part of something larger, extracting meaning from all my projects. Being in demand, independent, and mature aligns with my preferences. Managing my life and assuming responsibility is essential. With various interests, I aim to maximize opportunities both in the modelling and artist relations management sector. While I’m uncertain about life’s next steps, I trust it will unfold in the most interesting way for me.