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Meet Sara, a captivating blend of grace and artistic prowess. Transitioning from St. Petersburg’s ballet stages to navigating into the fashion industry, Sara’s tale is one of resilience and determination. Overcoming cultural shifts and language barriers in Russia, her return to Italy during the pandemic marked the genesis of a modelling career. Her transition from ballet to modelling not only opened new doors to the fashion industry but fused ballet grace with the allure of this new world. Gazing into the future, secret projects await, guided by the joy of pursuing her passions.

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1-Living in St. Petersburg and working for one of the most important theaters as a professional ballerina has been a unique experience. How was the adaptation to living in a city like this and working with one of the most prestigious ballet companies?

Living in St. Petersburg and working for one of the most important theaters as a professional ballerina has been an extraordinary experience. My years in the city are certainly among the most memorable of my life. Fulfilling my dream of dancing in one of the world’s most prestigious theaters was truly magical! Initially, the adaptation was a genuine cultural shock, both at work and in everyday life. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to be accepted, especially when you don’t know the local language. However, over time, I overcame these challenges and managed to integrate, living extraordinary experiences.

2-After your experience in St. Petersburg, what motivated you to return to Italy? Was there a specific factor that guided this decision?

The main motivation was the Covid! I believe it impacted the lives of many people, not just mine. I always had the conviction that my stay in Russia was temporary, so I took advantage of this moment, especially to be closer to my loved ones.

3-The return to Italy from Russia can be considered the actual beginning of your modeling career. How did your entry into the fashion world happen?

While I was in Russia, I was noticed by a modelling agency, but due to daily commitments with theatrical performances, I didn’t have many opportunities to collaborate with them. Once back in Italy, I met an agent who introduced me to the Italian fashion scene, and from that moment on, I seriously began my career.

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4-The transition from classical dance to a modeling career can be a significant change. What were your main challenges during this transition, and how did you overcome them?

I don’t recall facing particularly daunting challenges; instead, I experienced some anxiety regarding the judgment from the ballet world, as those who embark on new paths are often subject to evaluation. However, I approached this transition with determination, considering it a personal choice, and to this day, I am extremely satisfied with my decision. My happiness has played a crucial role in overcoming any concerns or uncertainties that may have arisen along the way.

5-Beyond the challenges, what have been the most significant and positive moments you’ve experienced during your return to Italy and your career as a model?

One of the most rewarding aspects has been the ability to fully immerse myself in what I love and find enjoyable. This profession has not only provided me with professional satisfaction but has also afforded me the valuable opportunity to enjoy ample time for myself, a crucial element that I consider fundamental in my life.

6-Traveling is also a significant part of your life. Which place has inspired you the most, and do you believe it has influenced your personal style?

I love to travel and always aim to plan at least two or three trips a year. Moreover, I consider myself fortunate as I have the opportunity to travel frequently for work. I believe the place that has undeniably influenced and shaped my style is Amsterdam, where I lived for two years. There, individuals dress freely, expressing their creativity in a magnificent way.

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7-Being a ballerina requires discipline and dedication. How have these qualities reflected in your modeling journey? Have you brought something special or distinctive from Russian culture into your life and modeling career?

Absolutely. I don’t want to boast, but I believe the discipline required in ballet, as well as in other sports, leaves a significant imprint on a person’s upbringing. Undoubtedly, it has helped me to be extremely determined and not get discouraged when things go wrong. I think the job of a ballerina and that of a model share many common elements. Thanks to my dance experience, I can approach challenges with a certain strength, but there’s always much work to be done!

8-Looking to the future, what would you like to achieve or accomplish? Are there specific goals you have in mind?

I have many projects that I hope to realize within a few years, so they are still top secret! However, I hope, in any case, to always do what I love and to continue pursuing my dreams.