Simone D’A.

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Simone, a dynamic model based in Milan, embarked on her career after a hairdresser’s advice led her to the beauty pageant scene. His passion for modeling ignited upon seeing himself in a catalog for the first time. Simone’s adventurous journey includes living in Istanbul, where he navigated the vibrant fashion scene. Balancing modeling with roles in teaching and producing, he leverages his sports background for mental and physical resilience. Despite setbacks during the pandemic, Simone’s determination led her to the Venice Film Festival red carpet and success on social media platforms.

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1-Simone, your journey in the world of fashion and entertainment is remarkable. Since you started by following your hairdresser’s advice, was there a specific moment that made you realize this was the right career path for you?
The first time I saw myself in a catalog, with my face associated with a brand, I don’t know exactly what clicked inside me, but the fact that I was the face representing the brand, the image the brand chose to present itself with, exhilarated me. Another clue was the day I realized that I didn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in front of the camera; even the first time I acted in a commercial, I didn’t feel any embarrassment, maybe a bit of tension, but I think that’s part of the game. To do this job, you absolutely need a lot of confidence in front of the camera; otherwise, it’s difficult to convey what the director or photographer is asking for.
2-You lived in Turkey for a while. Could you share some memorable moments from that time with us?
I lived in Istanbul for three months, and those few months were enough for me to realize how beautiful Turkey is, rich in scents, colors, and stunning places. In Istanbul, there are a lot of fashion companies and agencies, and it’s one of those cities where agencies provide a driver to take models to castings and various jobs. Given the size of the city, it’s almost a necessity. In contrast, in Milan, you don’t always have a driver, and while you go to castings on your own, you get to know the city better. As a “new face,” I found it very stimulating. When I first arrived in Milan, I would go around the city with my portfolio, and even though it often took me more than an hour and several wrong turns, it allowed me to familiarize myself with the environment, and it was very exciting. There’s a certain beauty in experiencing things for the first time.
3-Simone, you’ve emphasized the importance of always having a Plan B in your professional journey. How have you applied this mindset and what lessons have you learned from being prepared for alternative paths ?
Sometimes things dont always go as they should, and in modeling, I’ve had to chase after clients for various reasons more than once. Working as a producer and as a teacher are excellent Plan Bs. The former allows me to bring my ideas to life, from organizing the team and creating the mood board to developing the storytelling and subsequently casting locations and models if needed. The latter allows me to relax and grow personally; when I’m teaching, it’s as if my problems disappear for a few hours.
4-Considering your background in becoming a physical education teacher, what role has sports played in your modeling career, both mentally and physically?
Ive always believed that those who have never done sports, especially team sports, or experienced competition, struggle more to acquire certain values. Never giving up, respecting your opponent, being careful not to make things difficult for your opponent, following the rules, and using cleverness to anticipate your opponent—these are all components you can find in everyday life, at least in my experience. I defend and fight every day, with all my strength, for my dreams; I owe this mindset to sports. I also have to thank sports for the healthy principles and the difficult moments it has helped me overcome, as physical activity is a natural remedy for the mind.
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5-Despite your determination and self-confidence, have there been moments when you doubted your path in the fashion industry? If so, how did you handle those moments of uncertainty?
Before Covid, I experienced my greatest moment of success; several confirmed covers and campaigns were about to be released. Then, everything came to a halt on March 8, 2020. For the six months following Covid, I didnt receive any calls. During that time, I wondered if I should change careers. Fortunately, the market eventually recovered, and I continue to work as a model. However, those difficult moments pushed me towards creative direction and production. I started studying to become a producer and art director. I also used my degree to work as a personal trainer. During that period, due to Covid, people were working out at home, and I trained clients via video calls. There will always be periods of high demand and times when hardly anyone is looking for you. Its normal because, as I see it, fashion is like a wave, and your look wont always be in demand.
6-Looking back on your journey so far, is there a moment or project that you believe has had a significant impact on your personal and professional growth?
Three years ago, I worked as a model in Venice, where several celebrities were present. It was a beautiful experience, but the main attention was on higher-caliber artists. I promised myself that I would return to Venice—not just to be a number,” but to walk the red carpet. The three global campaigns, commercials, appearances in music videos, and my work as a producer led to me walking the red carpet in September 2023.
7-The Venice Film Festival is a significant milestone. How do you think this experience has influenced your personal perception ?
It has made me aware that in life, one can achieve great things, even the most unimaginable. But it has also taught me that there is always room for improvement; you just need to understand what your maximum potential is. This is crucial to me because it’s what keeps me alive—understanding what the highest professional goal achievable is.
8-In addition to your work as a model and actor, you’re also involved in producing content on social media, with a notable success. How do you balance your time between creating content and your professional career in the fashion industry?
Organization is key. There have been months where I haven’t had a single day off, but I’ve always managed to make everything coincide. The need to produce content for myself and to model for various companies’ content has allowed me to learn how to produce for others as well. For TikTok, I try to post at least one piece of content per day, which I’ve been doing for almost two years now. During certain periods, I even publish 4-5 videos per day. If I can’t do them during the day, I do them in the evening or vice versa, but I always find a way to be consistent.
9-Simone, looking towards the future, how do you envision your next chapter in the fashion and entertainment world? What new challenges do you think will arise?
The main goal remains to always land a “bigger advertising campaign than the last.” However, lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on producing social media content to grow my pages and online status. In the short term, I hope to embark on another experience like the one I had in Turkey. Someday, I’d like to open a communications agency, but for now, it will remain just an idea.