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Barbara’s modeling journey began at a vintage festival in Padua, sparked by her childhood fascination with photography. Balancing her architectural career and modeling, she embraces diversity and self-expression. Known for her authenticity and unique style, Barbara views fashion as a powerful medium for personal and cultural exploration.

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Barbara Iso Model Management 2
1-Barbara, tell us how your journey into the world of fashion began. What was the spark or event that pushed you to pursue a career as a model?
The event that led me to a modeling career happened during one of the vintage festivals in Padua, where my older sister and I were approached by a photographer. However, the motivation that truly launched me into this world was more of a childhood growth process. At a time when technology was spreading, we were exposed to cameras and cell phones from a young age. As a result, my childhood friend and I would spend afternoons taking photos, doing makeup, etc. Nowadays, I think it’s also thanks to her that I managed to overcome my fear of the camera and exposing myself in front of people.
2-Being a model often involves traveling and working with people from diverse cultures. What has been your most significant experience during a work trip, and how has it influenced your worldview?
I don’t think this is unique to modeling; it certainly adds an extra push, but in many other fields, you also come into contact with different people and cultures. Considering that I’m a foreigner, I live daily in the “diversity” between two cultures. More than traveling to different places, where you always feel a bit like a tourist in a new environment, my modeling career has made me see the cities I already knew with different eyes. In the sense that you observe every place, theoretically familiar, in a more investigative and attentive light, looking for that perfect spot to take a photo. 
3-How do you balance your personal life with the commitments of your modeling career? Is there a moment of great joy or gratitude in your modeling career that has left an indelible mark on you?
I definitely don’t consider myself a full-time model. I started, or rather had the time to focus on a modeling career only once I finished university, during that period of pause and searching for the path to take in the future. Before that, I wouldn’t have thought I could pursue both an architectural career and a modeling career, but I must say that with changing times and the flexibility in the job market in recent years, I managed to balance things, and I am very happy because it allows me to express myself in different ways.
4-Fashion can be a means to express one’s identity and individuality. What messages or values do you like to convey through your image and your work as a model?
Sure, I agree with you on seeing fashion as a means to express one’s identity, even though you are often asked to be different from how you imagine or want to appear. In my opinion, looking at the photos I select and post on social media, which are undoubtedly the ones I like the most and express my personality, I intend to show a part of myself while also being mysterious. I am initially a shy girl and tend to withdraw in social situations, listening more than speaking, but if you take me out of the group, I reveal myself to be sunny and enterprising. I think the same of my portraits; they show and don’t show at the same time, there is a veil of the unsaid and the unseen.
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Barbara Xu Iso Model Management 2
5-How do you maintain your authenticity and integrity in an industry that often emphasizes outer appearance?
I don’t think I’ve ever been concerned about the judgment others have of my outward appearance since I’ve been aware, or at least not more than the social and cultural judgments. From a young age, we struggle to find beauty and personal style, and by going through so many different phases, all the prejudices you have about universal beauty disappear.
6-What is your relationship with your body image, and how have you learned to accept and love your body over the years?
I have no problem exposing my body, but I must say I prefer being dressed a thousand times over. Wearing a piece of clothing as a decisive act and being influenced by it, being flashy when I feel confident, or cozy and soft when I am sad. I appreciate the power certain fabrics, colors, shapes, and seams have to appear so expressive and modify the body’s presence.
7-Looking to the future, what is your personal and professional vision for the coming years? What goals would you like to achieve?
I don’t see modeling as the sole purpose and job of my life; I approach it lightly but professionally, like everything in my life. Nothing is permanent, and everything can change based on how you live it!
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