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Francesca seamlessly transitioned from photography to curating exhibitions to modeling, driven by her search for self-expression. Inspired by Helmut Newton’s bold imagery, she embraces modeling as her medium. Her photography background enriches her posing, understanding the photographer’s vision. She values emotional authenticity, communicating through her body. Francesca’s journey intertwines with her scholarly exploration of self-perception, shaping her approach to body image. Balancing her pursuits, she follows her passions, pursuing psychotherapy training and seeking creative collaborations in modeling.

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1-Could you share with us how the transition from photographer to curator of photography exhibitions to your modeling career occurred? What sparked this transformation and how did you approach this new direction in your professional life?
This transition happened very naturally: I started photography in search of a medium through which I could express myself. This led me to visit more and more exhibitions to study and discover new photographers, and gradually I became passionate about all the aspects that are needed in an exhibition to showcase an artist’s work. Spending a lot of time in the world of photography, I met Federico, my current partner, who is a photographer, and I started modeling for him. I posted some photos on social media, and from there, numerous other photographers began to contact me. I really enjoy modeling; it makes me feel free: perhaps this is the very medium of expression I had been searching for all along.
2-How has your experience in photography influenced your approach to posing? Could you share with us how this dual perspective has guided you in better understanding the creative process behind the lens?
Having studied photography for several years and having met and interacted with many photographers in person, I believe I have learned to better understand their language. I usually understand what the photographer sees in me and how they want me, through my presence, to convey their vision to those who will view the image.
3-As a curator of photography exhibitions as well, was there a specific artwork, artist, or experience that inspired you to pursue this path?
I have always loved the photography of Helmut Newton: over the years, I have seen many exhibitions dedicated to him across Italy. I admire how his works incorporate boldness, eroticism, and elegance. I have always felt connected to his imagery and, I believe, to his idea of femininity as well: strong and free women, divine figures for their timeless beauty and yet profoundly earthly for their pronounced carnality and sensuality.
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4-What has been the most rewarding moment you’ve experienced so far as a model, and what lessons have you learned from this experience?
I don’t think I can pinpoint a single gratifying moment, but I have many instances in mind where I felt particularly happy to have chosen this work. Each photo shoot can be an opportunity to meet interesting and creative people with a unique and original vision. The lesson I take home after every shoot is that when we are seen through the eyes of an attentive photographer, it gives us a new, different story about ourselves.
5-In your photos, you often convey a range of emotions, including a sense of vulnerability. How do you communicate these emotions during photoshoots, and what is your approach to doing so authentically?
Every time I pose, I don’t try to interpret an emotion; instead, I communicate it with the photographer through my body. It’s like having a silent conversation with the photographer, made up of gestures, looks, and poses on a particular theme. I strive to be honest with him about what he is asking of me: I communicate without filters and without words about sadness, aggression, serenity, boredom, and how I am when I feel thoughtful, strong, or vulnerable.
6-As both a model and a scholar of the human mind, how do you navigate the relationship between body image and self-perception?
The issue of integrating the perception of one’s body within a broader perception of oneself has always fascinated me greatly. In the past, I suffered from anorexia nervosa for a long time; my journey to perceive myself correctly was rather complicated and painful. However, it was a period from which I learned a lot and provided me with numerous tools to deeply understand the issue when I studied it at university. Self-perception is not automatic but a highly complex and layered construction that requires great awareness. Now I have made peace with my body image, although my relationship with it is often unstable. Fortunately, as I grow, I am learning to appreciate myself more and more.
7-What is your secret to effectively balancing your modeling career, involvement in curating exhibitions, and your studies in neuroaesthetics?
Balancing and organizing the various activities that fill my life is quite challenging for me. I’m not a very organized person and not very good at making long-term plans; I operate in the immediacy of things. I follow what I feel and try not to stay on the surface of things. Everything I do, I do because I truly enjoy and am interested in it; it nourishes me. Balance has always come naturally, from listening to what I feel is most important to do. However, every balance I reach is always very provisional; I believe my idea of balance lies in a continuous pursuit of it rather than in a stable endpoint.
8-Francesca, looking to the future, what are your ambitions and new challenges you would like to tackle?
At the moment, I’m pursuing many goals that are important to me, including continuing my training to become a psychotherapist and continuing my activity in the field of photographic exhibitions. As a model, there are many other photographers whose work I follow and admire, and I would love to collaborate with them. I’m eager to step out of my comfort zone, photographically speaking, and participate in creative and stimulating projects!